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Helpful Information

  • We are only conducting FULL day Zoom mediations.

  • Compared to the 4000 mediations I have done in person the last 20 years, and despite my initial skeptcism, the success rate in the 400+ Zoom mediations I have conducted since March of 2020 have been even more successful. The Plaintiffs are more relaxed in their own environment, which makes them more likely to be open to compromise. The real decision makers are present all day without having to travel and are not tempted to send an underling in their place. And I am able to take pages of detailed notes sitting at my computer that allow me to work a case expeditiously in the unlikely event the case does not settle the day of mediation.

  • We love to read. Please use your own judgment as to what we need to review in advance to best grasp the case from your perspective.

  • Please don't hesitate to call and discuss your case.

  • My mobile number is (512) 415-9111

    I look forward to working with you.

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